Newsletter for January 19th 2022

Newsletter for January 19th 2022

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Hey everyone!

Thanks for opening the newsletter! We have some really exciting things to talk about today!

First off, our 30% off sale on all 2021 products is ending January 27th! So get them while there's still time!

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Secondly, you may or may not have heard but we are introducing carpet fresheners into our aromatherapy lineup. These will be primarily based off of iconic series' like Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, Donkey Kong and more.

Here's a peek at some of them that are already made up!

They come in 16oz bottles with only two ingredients. Fragrance oils that are always non toxic, paraben and phthalate free and baking soda.

Most store carpet fresheners have something called a silicate that helps the baking soda in the mix freely flow like sand. But it has the added effect of causing respiratory issues, especially if you have them already. 

I have been doing a heavy amount of research for a way I can introduce a natural free flowing agent into the mix, but as of right now I have not determined a way to safely introduce one. That is okay though, because I truly feel like our blend of fragrance oils and baking soda formula will keep your living spaces fresh for days at a time!

And most importantly, these products will be live on January 28th for $11 a bottle! Please keep in mind it is just me formulating these scents, sourcing the supplies, and making the labels so this is an accurate estimate of the value of the product. 

Here at Solar Candle Company, everything is handmade and tested in house!

Thanks for reading and I hope you're having a good day!

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