Due to the nature of the products sold through Solar Candle Company, we must give proper warning for safe handling while in use. 

Wax melts, burning candles and tealight candles are prone to extreme temperatures when lit with open flame. Please be careful to only light any open flame AWAY from items that may be flammable. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. 

Please store any melts, candles and tealights AWAY FROM CHILDREN. 

Handle all items with extreme caution, as open flame is extremely hot and can cause intense burns. 


We use soy wax, which is softer in nature than paraffin wax. Due to the soft nature of this wax, there may be small cracks in the final product. These are strictly cosmetic, and will not alter the quality of your product upon arrival. 


Once we deliver your product to the shipping provider, it is their responsibility to safely deliver your items in a timely manner. We do not have control over the speed of shipping. We can only advise that you watch your email for tracking number/(s) and keep a close eye on all shipping information as much as you can. 


Thank you again for choosing Solar Candle Company for your out of this world fragrance needs!!