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Solar Candle Company

Quantum Cola

Quantum Cola

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In the Fallout universe, there's lots of mentions of Nuka Cola, but nothing has captivated my attention more so than my first run of Fallout 3 and discovering Girdershade for the first time. 

Heading there is where I met Sierra Petrovita and she introduced me to the bright blue drink called Nuka Cola Quantum, the newest flavor marketed with twice the flavor, twice the caffeine and twice the taste! It doesn't hurt to mention that they included a radioactive isotope to give it it's signature glow!

I spent many days scouring the wasteland trying to find any sight of those illusive blue bottles, and that's why we've made our own version of this drink into a wax melt that will deliver twice the scent output as well!


Quantum Cola is a bubbly mix of Cola and Blue Raspberry to give you our interpretation of what the famous blue drink would smell like if you ever got your hands on it!

Each wax cube lasts up to 8 hours with amazing results!

All of our products are made with 100% soy wax, mica powder and phthalate free fragrances to keep your home safe from dangerous chemicals.

Our packaging is recyclable, so when you're done with your pack you can feel confident in reducing your carbon footprint!

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