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Dream Date Delight (8 oz Candle)

Dream Date Delight (8 oz Candle)

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Introducing "Dream Date Delight" - the perfect candle for those who love the romance and charm of dating simulator video games. This unique pink marbled candle captures the essence of a dreamy virtual date, with its captivating color reminiscent of sweet, pixelated love stories. 

Infused with the alluring scent of Pink Sugar Crystals, this 8-ounce glass jar candle is a delightful blend of strawberry, black currant, and raspberry top notes, a heart of sugar and freesia, and a base of vanilla, light musk, and tonka bean. As you light this candle, you'll be transported into a world of virtual romance, where every flicker of the flame releases a tantalizing aroma that ignites the senses.

Whether you're a fan of dating sim games or simply adore the sweet, whimsical atmosphere they evoke, "Dream Date Delight" is the perfect addition to your gaming den, relaxation space, or anywhere you want to infuse a touch of romantic ambiance. Embrace the charm of digital love stories with this enchanting candle and let its Pink Sugar Crystals scent sweep you away on a dreamy, pixelated adventure.

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