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Sugar Crash!

Sugar Crash!

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Sugar Crash! is a candle inspired by the game Deathloop!

In Deathloop, as much as things remain constant, situations can change all the time. The same place you visit in the daytime can drastically change at night so you have to use your surroundings to your advantage. 

That's why one of my favorite environmental hazards to use is the candy machines, more speficially, the Lemon Macaron candy machines!

Press the button to dispense a candy, keep pressing the button to dispense more, shoot it to cover the ground in all of the candies in the machine to create a trap for any enemy who thinks they can chase you. They'll be in for a surprise when they slip, trip and fall, leaving them wide open to get looped!

That's why we made Sugar Crash! a candle based off of the this particular candy machine, because this is the most prominent machine in Updaam, and it was fun to make a candle that smells like Sugared Lemon!

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